SA Government releases response to final report of Expert Panel on Planning Reform

The South Australia Government last week released its response to the final report of the Expert Panel on Planning Reform, ‘The Planning System We Want’, with work on draft legislation to commence immediately.

In a statement, Planning Minister John Rau said the current planning system was too complicated and needed to be more responsive, involve less red tape and be easier for people to understand.

“The Expert Panel made 22 recommendations, the Government has carefully considered each one and has determined to support, support in principal, undertake further investigation or partially support each of these proposals,” Mr Rau said.

“The reforms suggested by the Expert Panel represent an overhaul of our entire planning system as we know it. “The work of the Panel has taken close to two years and involved significant consultation with the community and interest groups.

“It is clear communities need to be more involved in the early stages of planning how our suburbs should look, and be developed in the future.”

Mr Rau said work would begin immediately on implementing the recommendations and undertaking further investigation as required.

“This is a massive overhaul of our current system, and the reforms will not happen overnight,” he said.

“While work will begin immediately, the bulk of the reforms will take a number of years to be fully operational.

“The first step in achieving this significant suite of reforms will be the development of new planning legislation that will replace both the Development Act 1993 and the Urban Renewal Act 1995.

“It will also incorporate relevant components of our transport and infrastructure laws.

“Drafting of the new legislation will commence immediately, in consultation with key interested parties.

“I would like to have a draft bill for consultation by the middle of this year.”

The South Australian Government’s response to the final report of the Expert Panel on Planning Reform is available from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website.

Source: News Release, Urbanalyst, 29 March, 2015




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