Asian Investors are Making Australia a Property Hotspot

Australia is becoming a property investment hot spot for Chinese investors.

According to, a Chinese international real estate search engine, Australia is currently the second most searched country following the US. The website has 1.8 million property listings over 53 countries and collects data on the preferences of Chinese property investors.

The website founders, Simon Henry and Andrew Taylor, listed four specific reasons that Australian properties are catching the eye of the Chinese: investment, education, lifestyle and migration.

Education, although not the biggest reason, is certainly one of the most important as investors often buy properties for their children so they can live there if they choose to study at an Australian university.

Australia is also becoming a hot spot for Chinese property investment due to the difficulties of buying a second property in China. Buying real estate in China is expensive because of the cooling measures that are being employed. The government is trying to prevent house prices from increasing too much, stopping property investment altogether.





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