A Beginner’s Guide To Property Investment

There is nothing more exciting than branching out to buy your very own investment property, however like doing anything for the first time, it can also be daunting.  Doing your research and getting practical property investment tips like the following can help to not only give you a head start but also give you a much needed boost in confidence.

Forward Planning Pays Off

One of the most useful property investment tips for anyone looking at getting into the market for the first time is to plan, plan and plan some more.  It may seem like an obvious statement, but many real estate agents and investment consultants will tell you that they still see people turn up to buy off the plan or at an open day with very little planning or forethought involved.  Planning for buying an investment property for the first time can involve:

  • Getting your finances sorted out, including having all documentation easily accessible and organised
  • Creating a long term strategy for your investment, including financial goals and milestones and plans for building a property portfolio in the future
  • Doing research on topics such as potential areas for investment, the property outlook, trends and demographics, and options for types of property, including off the plan or brand new apartments

Spending some time planning will help you not only minimise any risks when you buy your property, but also help you maximise you returns by making a thoughtful, practical and financially-savvy investment.

Getting Assistance From The Experts

Another important property investment tip is to get help from experts when you need it.  Buying any property, whether it’s for yourself or for an investment can mean getting a wide range of professionals involved, from lawyers and conveyancers to accountants, financial advisors, bank contacts and real estate agents.  It is always good to have a group of trusted experts you can contact when you need to get forms filled out and processed, or just need some helpful guidance.

One of the most useful professionals you can talk to when you’re first looking into buying a property is an investment company such as Ironfish.  As one of Australia’s leading property investment companies, they can give first time investors an invaluable leg up on to the property ladder.  They provide personally tailored assistance to help investors develop practical strategic investment plans, give them access to outstanding pre-public and pre-negotiated opportunities, as well as provide thorough and exhaustive research and data.  They also run property investment seminars in all of the major capital cities across Australia.  These are aimed at first time investors as well as those more experienced in the market, and provide up to date information about the trends they’re seeing in the market, useful long term strategies for property investment, and ways to maximise your returns by building a successful property portfolio.




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