Best Brand New Design Features From 2015

Apartments have come a long way since the typical boxy designs of the 40s, 50s and 60s.  Nowadays people looking at property investments or off the plan developments have a much wider range of designs to chose from, and have the option of being able to target a certain type of tenant when developing a property strategy.  Inner city off the plan apartments, for example, are leading the way in great design and unique features that appeal to young professionals.  Let’s look at some of the best design features being offered in property investments at the moment.

Floor Plan Flexibility

The concept of a flexible floor plan or a “convertible space” has been around for a while, but with more and more of us working from home and higher demand for open plan living, you can now find these features in many new developments.  Media areas and rooms that can open up via sliding doors help provide different options for tenants – for example, one bedroom apartments can be made into the ultimate home office just by being able to open up doors and walls, having easily accessible phone points and plenty of power points, and having plenty of well designed storage space.  For people who entertain a lot, the idea of being able to open up spaces and hide others is very appealing, as is large balconies or terraces with direct access to the living room or kitchen area.

Lifestyle Facilities

Again, the concept of gyms, pools and outdoor living spaces has been around for a while in apartments, and particularly those developments that have been designed to attract tenants.  Today’s property investments feature a whole range of facilities and amenities designed to attract and retain tenants that go above and beyond these traditional features.  Recreational areas, games rooms and even music rooms have become popular, as have elaborate outdoor entertaining terraces, often equipped with the latest audio visual equipment and cooking facilities that would rival a chef’s kitchen.    Many developments also offer the ability for residents to take advantage of the services of the businesses that occupy the building or in the surrounding areas, including restaurants, day spas and fitness centres.

High Speed Internet Access

One of the exciting design features of today’s brand new and off the plan apartments is easy access to high speed internet access.  This is a must have for most tenants these days, and many developments off special deals with internet providers which means residents can benefit from a hassle free service from the moment they move in.  These kinds of deals are often available when tenants sign up if the building is brand new, or they can generally get more information about them from the property manager.

There is no doubt tenants love brand new properties – there’s something special about finding a home that no one else has lived in before.  Apartments with innovative design and amazing facilities will be even more popular with renters, and ensure that your property investment is in demand well into the future.




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