Building A Truly Diverse Property Portfolio

Many people feel that buying one property can be challenging, let alone owning a property portfolio of two or more investments.  There are, however, systems that can make the process simple and in the reach of everyone.  Ironfish, one of Australia’s leading property investment and management companies, has developed a unique approach to helping people build a multi-city property portfolio over the long term.

Diversify Locations And Type Of Property

When you’re looking for your first property, or thinking of adding onto an existing investment portfolio, it’s tempting to target locations that you are most familiar with – maybe you drive past certain suburbs each day, or are knowledgeable about your own local region.   If you already own an investment you may even want to buy a property in the same suburb.  Unfortunately, this approach can leave you open to risk, especially if the local market experiences a downturn – the “putting all your eggs in one basket” problem – and may mean you miss out on better opportunities further afield.

The experts at Ironfish suggest that you consider a more geographically dispersed portfolio of property, from among the major capital cities.  This way you can spread as sensibly as possible, as it leaves you in a better position to weather any market changes specific to that region.  The same applies to the type of property you look at to grow your portfolio, as each type of property investment – houses, townhouses and apartments – will have unique advantages and disadvantages.   It is critical to look at each type of property in relation to how it will perform in a certain market, and obviously not everyone can be an expert in the variations of a property market in a different city.  This is where getting professional assistance can make all the difference.

Choosing The Right Time To Grow Your Portfolio

Part of the Ironfish Portfolio Approach is knowing the right time to invest in certain property, at certain times in the market.  As property is a 10 to 15 year investment, getting into the market at exactly “the right time” is less important than knowing what you should be investing in, and the capital city locations that are poised for growth.

When looking at building a diverse portfolio, knowing what type of property investment will perform best in which city is critical, as is aligning any purchases you make with your long term strategic investment plan.   Ironfish have the experience and expertise to assist you with developing a plan that will suit you and your needs, giving you the ability to maximise your investment for your future.




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