How Do I Buy An Investment Property?

Interested in securing you ad your family’s financial future and wondering how to buy an investment property?  You’re not alone, with thousands of people across Australia looking to get into the market this year for the very same reason.  The actual mechanics of buying a home to live in and buying a property as an investment are relatively similar, however the planning and forethought that goes into investing will be different.  Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when looking into buying an investment property.

Finding The Right Property For You

One of the first things a property investment expert will tell you is that there is no “perfect” property, only the right property for you, your current circumstances and your goals for the future.  This is an important distinction, as many people miss out on opportunities in the market because they are waiting for the “right” property to come along.  Understanding what is a good opportunity for you means first clearly setting out your financial goals and knowing basic things like your budget and your goals for the future. For example, because of their low maintenance and good income, it may be that a brand new or off the plan property will be a better investment for you than an established dwelling.

Understanding What It Means To Be A Landlord

This is one of those tips for people looking at how to buy an investment property and are not sure exactly what it entails.  One of the first things about owning a property is that you will need tenants, and you will need to take on the responsibilities and duties of landlord.  This includes setting and collecting rent, maintaining the property and responding to emergencies.  This can be daunting for anyone who hasn’t done before it before, and most professional investors find it simply easier and less time consuming to find a great property management company to take care of the day to day management for them.

Talking To The Professionals

Another tip that first time property investors often overlook is that there are people who can help you from the very beginning.  Obviously financial planners, bankers and accountants can help get your finances in order, but you may also want to get the assistance of other professionals such as property investment companies.  A company such as Ironfish can help with setting a strategic plan to flesh out your financial goals for the future, to showing you a range of options such as brand new and off the plan properties that may suit your requirements and providing a long term partnership as your property management company.  Getting such assistance will give you peace of mind that you’re making the right choices for you and your family’s financial wellbeing for the future.




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