How to Identify a Property Investment Hotspot

Identifying a property investment hotspot is one of the best ways to get a solid return on your investment. Hotspots are areas that grow in value rapidly because they have high demand. Peter Koulizos explained how to recognise an investment hotspot.

Is it close to the city?

Close is a variable term. If the area is a regional one then this means walking distance from the main street, but if it is Sydney then this could be 15 kms from the CBD. The important thing is to recognise whether people can easily and willingly get to the CBD.

Is it on the water?

Properties close to the water are always in high demand. Seaside properties are the best, but those on the river are attractive to buyers too.

How does it compare to surrounding suburbs?

If the suburbs surrounding yours are expensive then there is a likelihood that this suburb will increase in value too.

What about the schools?

Consider the zones for desired public schools because people are willing to pay more to get their kids into their preferred school.




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