How to invest like a millionaire [Melbourne English Seminar]

Seminar date: Tuesday, 28th July 2015

State Library of VIC, Theatre Room (Entry 3 via La Trobe Street, Melbourne Central)

Seminar info:

  •  5 Lessons from the last property cycle
  • A rational approach in a hot market
  • What is an ideal portfolio?
  • How long will the Melbourne boom last?
  • Where is the next boom?
About the speaker
Joseph Chou, Founder and CEO, IronfishJoseph Chou is one of Australia’s leading property investors, having created multi-million lifestyle for himself from starting with nothing at the age of 29. Born in Beijing in 1962, he studied at the prestigious Peking University and then in the US, enjoyed the role of diplomat in his homeland, only to lose the title and prestige by migrating to Australia. He came to Australia in 1991 with just $4000 in his pocket and a desire to create a new life for himself in his heart. Today he teaches and speaks to thousands about property investment and business principles and is CEO and founder of property investment specialists Ironfish which has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Shanghai. He has a firm belief that anyone can make it in the property industry as long as they do one simple thing: play by the rules.

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