New Survey Points To Strong Buyer Sentiment

A new survey has pointed to continued strong buyer sentiment for 2016.  The survey, conducted by, looked at their users’ sentiments around the property market for 2016.[1]  The overwhelming sentiment was one of optimism, with potential opportunities for a calm and reasonably priced market.  This is great news for people with property investments and those looking to get a foothold in the market.

When asked about the outlook for the year ahead, survey participants had the following reactions:

  • Out of 1,200 users, almost 77% were either positive or neutral about the property market for this year, with only around 23% of participants negative or worried about the conditions.
  • Around 46% believed that prices for property would remain steady during 2016, while less than 19% thought that property prices would decline.
  • 32% of those surveyed wanted lower interest rates, around 27% wanted further support from the government for first home buyers, and 9% wanted higher levels of property development.
  • There is a movement for people wanting more restrictions on foreign investors, with almost 47% of people surveyed wanted more restrictions of foreign investors, and only 19% wanting more restrictions on investors in general.

These findings are heartening for first time and long time investors and anyone interested in property investments, especially in the face of much publicized concerns about instability in the market in the media.

Analysts echo these sentiments and are now generally predicting a smoother and more stable property market for this year, especially in the major capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.  Potentially lower prices, especially in the apartment sector, combined with an increase in choice thanks to the continuing increased levels of construction, make this year a particularly interesting one for investors.

With such opportunities in the market, first time investors and those looking to strengthen their property portfolios should be looking to maximize their returns by getting expert assistance from companies such as Ironfish.  They can help you not only gain access to pre-public and often pre-negotiated opportunities in the market, but help you to develop a practical and strategic long term plan for building a successful property portfolio.  As one of Australia’s leading property investment companies, Ironfish has a dedicated research team bringing their investors the most up to date information and property data, as well as on the ground local experts ready to help you maximize your investment potential.





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