How Should I Prepare For A Property Seminar?

Doing property research can be a fairly lonely business, especially if you’re someone who wants to talk about what you’re learning or to discuss possibilities in the market with other people. This is where a good property investment seminar can be useful: they are essentially a meet up to hear from industry experts, be given the opportunity to ask questions and to talk to other like minded people about property investment. To get the most from a seminar, it’s best to think about being prepared.

Choose The Right Property Investment Seminar

Don’t just sign up to the first seminar you come across.  You’ve probably seen the ads for many property seminars over the years, and it’s important to know that not all will offer you the same levels of information or have the same outcomes.  For example, seminars that you have to pay to attend will tend to want to sell you into more expensive programs further down the track.  Free seminars, such as those offered by Ironfish, are designed as educational experiences, giving you access to the latest up to date data and analysis from experts.  If you’re interested in talking one on one with a professional at a later date, then they can also set up a no obligation meeting – the key here is that you won’t be made to feel obligated to do anything.

Have Your Questions Prepared

You can attend a property investment seminar and sit quietly in the audience.  Or you can come prepared and get the most out of the experience by asking all those questions you have when you sit and read about property investing or the market in general.  A good property seminar will include adequate time for questions, and the experts will make time to follow up with you if you need further clarification or are interested in specific aspects of investing such as off the plan property.

Don’t Forget To Take Notes

Seminars can be exciting, especially if you feel the information and analysis you’re getting is high quality.  You could hope to retain everything you hear, but you will undoubtedly find yourself wishing you’d thought of bringing a notebook or at least taken notes on your smart phone.  Many property investment seminars will provide hand outs of relevant information and contact details, however it’s best to be able to take your own notes of the session.  That way if you do want to follow up with an investment professional you’ll have all the relevant information at hand.

Ironfish is one of Australia’s leading providers of free property investment seminars, aimed at beginner, intermediate and experienced investors.  Contact them today to book into one of their convenient seminars, held in locations across Australia.




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