A Guide To Display Apartments


When you’re considering buying an off the plan investment property, whether it’s a stylish 2 bedroom apartment in the city or a unique townhouse in an inner-city location, it is difficult sometimes to get a feel for what the property will look like, how big it will be and the type of fittings and fixtures it will include.  Most developers will provide details later on during the project for prospective owners to consider.  It is also common for investment properties in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and indeed all the major capital cities to have display apartments – which are simply “mock up” properties based on the architecture and design of the proposed finished apartment – for investors to look at.


So what should you be keeping a close eye out for when you inspect the display apartments for investment properties in Sydney and the other cities?  We’ve compiled a list of the most important features and design points you should be looking for.  Don’t forget to always take notes when you visit a developer’s display apartment, as it is easy to forget important details once you’ve walked out the door.


Design And Layout

The display property you visit may or may not have a similar layout to the off the plan apartment you intend to purchase – for example, it may only have one bedroom while you are considering purchasing a two bedroom property – however it will give you a good idea about the internal design of the rooms, the way the rooms flow together and the general dimensions of important areas such as the living room, kitchen and balconies.


Look for practical designs that places the kitchen at the heart of the property (a great feature with tenants), and if offered, a balcony off the living room to give an extra feeling of space.  Large windows are always a plus in any investment property, as tenants always prefer rooms that are light and airy, and investors should always take note of the colour scheme to ensure that it is up to date and will attract a wide range of people.


Fixtures And Fittings

In investment properties in Sydney and the other capital cities, display properties tend to place great emphasis on the fixtures and fittings, mainly because these are what will give you an indication of the overall finished product but also this is what will attract potential tenants to your property.  Fixtures and fittings can include anything from the light switches, in built wardrobes and cupboards and kitchen appliances to the air-conditioning units and carpets.  It goes without saying that higher quality fixtures will appeal to higher value tenants, who are willing to pay more to have the latest gadgets or the best quality bathroom fittings.  Designer inclusions such as large baths, electric blinds and built in bbq’s can make your property stand out from the rest and ensure you receive the highest possible rental returns.






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